Dunlop Road Smart III, Better Mileage – Better Grip !

Besides the classic typical duration of a sport-touring product, theDunlop Road Smart series always stood for high adherence and performance skills in enthusiastic riders. But evidently the good already done was not enough for the French brand that will use the latest technologies, has put together a new version of this rubber, Dunlop Road Smart III, with 82% upper mileage for the front tire (attention, claimed data) than the average of its main competitors, with no sacrifices in terms of grip, safety and response in wet conditions.

New Tread Pattern

The New Dunlop Road Smart III’s tread pattern has a new provision of the notches angles, calculated to optimize rigidity and ensure the uniformity of wear , a precaution which should ensure consistent performance throughout the tire’s lifetime. Moreover, thanks to a sophisticated research, it should be was increased ability to evacuate water than its predecessor Road Smart II, especially at high speeds.

Nanotechnology Compounds

A long and painstaking was to carried out to arrive at the correct combination of the compound of the shoulder and that of the central area. This led to the compound MultiTread, particularly resistant to wear and characterized by the combinations of three polymers with a high dispersion of silica mix. This solution has several strengths, such as the possibility of a greater mileage , improved wet grip , but also a greater flexibility at low temperatures, with consequent increase in the sensation of feeling even in the cold, during the winter season. The central compound MultiTread design incorporates a polymer with longer molecular conformation which has the task of improving the resistance of the New Dunlop Road Smart III rubber chemical bonds.

Dimensions and Variants

The New Dunlop Road Smart III range includes 18″ and 16″ measures. For two of the most common measures of the rear (180/55 ZR17 and 190/55 ZR17) the new range offers the possibility to choose between two options : the standard version, covering the GT heavy demands to the middleweight motorcycle, and special SP (Sport version), developed to suit the specific characteristics of naked lighter and sport bikes.

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