How To : Rear Wheel Steering

To make the bike slide (rear wheel steer), you dial in the power before the apex, but because that alters your line you have to have plenty of track inside you – it’s easy to drive the thing off the inside of the track.

A lot of times I’d get it spinning and run out of revs and then I’d have to let it get back in line to make a shift. Trying to catch a shift while the back end is stepped out was tricky unless the bike was really sideways. I found if you unloaded a bit of weight off the seat you could control the bike easier when the suspension compressed during a gear-change.

What helps control spin and increase grip is getting weight onto the outside peg. If you’re going around a left-hander, say, you’re hung off the inside and most of your weight is on the left peg or on the seat, but hardly any is on the outside peg. I remember when I weighted that outside peg I’d get improved grip. You do the opposite when you steer it with the rear because it makes it spin easier.

Kevin Schwantz

1993 World 500GP Champion

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