Why Buy Expensive Helmets ?

Wallet-worrying, yes. But worth the palpitations once you know the script…


The more you pay the less it’ll weigh, without any loss of strength or rigidity. You will also find carbon-based materials or pure carbon present in most top-of-the-range helmets. Apart from the additional strength carbon gives, the lower weight means the helmet will exert less force on your head during riding. AGV and Arai now produce 100% pure carbon fibre weave helmets as opposed to the less expensive carbon ‘skin’ seen on other carbon helmets.


Arai’s ‘Pro Shade’, offered on their ‘Pro’ models, is similar to an external sun visor so the basic structure of the shell remains intact. This means the helmet’s crash protection isn’t affected by removing part of the Expanded Polystyrene – or EPS – lining to allow fitment of an inner sun visor. Shoei have a light reactive visor which automatically tints itself depending on the sun’s strength. Meanwhile the new AGVisor allows tinting at the touch of a button. Disbelievers check out their Pista, Corsa and Veloce GTs.

Why Spend The Cash ?

Your noggin needs protecting and as a rule you should spend as much as you can afford on your helmet. Top of the line helmets such as the Arai RX7V have additional safety features that have evolved from Formula 1 such as strengthening bands that sit along the crown of the head. The EPS safety liner in all Arais is made from a secret recipe which allows what Arai claims to be the optimum mix of densities.

Superior Fit

Helmets such as the AGV Corsa and Pista GP offer plenty of fitting flexibility straight from the box. The internal ‘bunny ear’ strips and pads allow you to embark on a fine-tuning frenzy, altering things such as the height the helmet sits on the head and overall tightness of fit. Almost all Shoei and Arai lids can have cheek and crown pads changed. Take yours to a trained and appointed dealer and they’ll do this for you.

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