2016 Honda NC750X Review : Fully Purpose, Not Pleasure !

Each time I ride the Honda NC750X, it’s for business, not pleasure. That’s not to say I don’t get any pleasure from riding it, it’s just that I’m never on it purely for fun. Whenever its wheels are turning, they’re doing so for a purpose. And even though it’s apparent I’ll probably never utterly fall in love with the 750, there’s never a break in the respect and admiration I have for it.

A recent run in the small hours to Gatwick airport for a business trip highlighted why I rate the versatile Honda NC750X so highly. Thanks to being able to record information of the journey with a BikeTrac tracking device, I can tell you the 117-mile trip began at 3.19am and ended just one hour and 48 minutes later. That’s really good going, though more a testament to light traffic volume than anything else.

2016 Honda NC750X Review : Fully Purpose, Not Pleasure !

It’s chilly at that time in the morning, but clothed in quality kit and assisted by a couple of recent mods made to the bike, the low temperatures weren’t an issue. What I did have to consider though was not needing the chill-killing clothing once I was at the airport, ready to fly off to ride in the warmer climes of Spain. Rather handily, the Honda NC750X’s capacious top box and panniers would be able to take care of all the superfluous gear.

But before this storage space could be taken advantage of though, there was the small matter of despatching the miles. Labelling it as a ‘small matter’ is fair given how easily the Honda NC750X deals with journeys. Mind you, with the motorway routes being so eerily empty, progress would have been speedy on any bike. Having had some heated grips fitted, the mile-eating felt less arduous. In fact, they’re so good I had to keep switching them off! A bigger Honda screen was also serving its purpose well, deflecting the chilly wind well enough to allow greater cruising comfort.

Once at Gatwick’s South Terminal, where you can leave a bike for free in the short-term car park, I stuffed all my excess baggage into the Honda NC750X and jetted off. Then very late the following evening I was back, ready for another quick change and the trip home. Before I got going though, I used the newly-fitted centrestand to let me conveniently lube my chain, and 12v socket to charge my mobile en route.

With wheels turning, the TomTom Rider 400 sat-nav predicted I’d get back at 1am, around two hours later. However, because of some minor shortcomings with the bike and rider, that journey took another 25-odd minutes. If I’d been prepared to take more time, a slower ride would have allowed it to be nonstop.

But with my pace returning 70mpg (giving a 210 mile range; just 30 miles short of what I needed), refuelling had to be done. Not sure about you, but I consider the disruption of enforced pit stops a right pain – especially at that time of the day. The Honda NC750X is frugal but I’d also appreciate a slightly bigger tank than the three gallon one that’s fitted. Mind you, as the rider required an energy spike after a long day’s biking in Spain, maybe it’s as well I had to pull over.

With man and machine refreshed, it wasn’t long before I was home. The post-journey wind-down gave me chance to reflect yet again on the brilliant service provided by my Honda NC750X. It’s a fantastically effective tool, and one that I might yet fall in love with after all!

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