BMW : 136,963 Motorcycles Sold Worldwide in 2015 !

The BMW Motorcycle segment recorded its fifth consecutive record sales worldwide in 2015 : 136,963 motorcycles and scooters to the propeller have passed last year, an increase of 10.9% compared to 2014. Best selling of the Bavarian manufacturer, the BMW R1200GS slightly less sold than last year … but its version of Adventure met a huge success in 2014! Overall, the range of R still represents more than half the sales of the BMW. Leader in 26 countries in the segment of motorcycles “premium of over 500 cc”, BMW has particularly won over a sale of four on its national market. The Bavarian brand has recorded an impressive increase of 17.4%, or 23,823 elapsed machines.

In the US, the Germans claim to have sold 16,501 “Motorrad” (against 15,301 in 2014). Again on the podium BMW Motorrad, France for a total of 12,550 units (vs. 11,600). Following in order Italy with 11,150 units, the United Kingdom (8200) and Spain (7976).

And the manufacturer will continue to grow, President of BMW Motorrad, Stephan Schaller, launch – and not in the air – that “our goal for 2020 is to provide 200,000 units to customers of the 2015 sales figure shows that our motorcycles strategy works.” .

“Between the spring and summer of 2015, we launched no less than five new models: F800R, S1000RR, R1200R, R1200RS S1000XR and also reminds the German big boss, convinced and satisfied that their contribution was decisive for success sales of BMW Motorrad,” He Said…

After consolidating its Premium GP status, BMW will launch in 2016 a new challenge to substantially increase sales in the world: “We will continue our offensive with current models in the premium segment over 500 cc and this year we will enter the class capacity of less than 500 cc with a real machine the BMW G310R “.

List of BMW motorcycle sales in the world in 2015:

R1200GS : 23,681 

R1200GS Adv : 18,011

R1200RT : 10,955

R NINET : 9545

R1200R : 6951

R1200RS : 4208

S1000RR : 9576

S1000R : 6473

S1000XR : 5061 in six months

F800GS : 6603

F800GS Adv : 4129

F800GT : 6561

F700GS : 6282

F800R : 5971

K1600GT / GTL : 4866

C600 Sport / C650GT : 4530

C Evolution: 927

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