Ducati Scrambler Classic : Woman Perspective…

This month has seen no proper long trips on the Ducati Scrambler Classic, mainly as I’ve been away every weekend doing something or other with my old bikes. Consequently, my friend Sarah has been taking up the slack on the Scrambler, clocking up plenty of miles and being able to offer another rider’s opinion on the motorcycle.

Having passed her test in 1995, Sarah went on to ride a multitude of sports bikes over the next five years before a new line of work rendered it near impossible to find time for motorcycles. So, after a decade of not riding, the question was whether the appeal of the Ducati Scrambler Classic was sufficient to get Sarah back on two wheels more regularly ? Judging by her appraisal of it, you’d like to think so.

The low seat height made me feel instantly confident on the Scrambler Classic,” said Sarah, “and I wouldn’t consider lowering it. I would change the clutch lever span, though, which challenged my fingers even when the span was adjusted to its smallest. Initially, I found low speed take off wasn’t particularly easy, with the clutch quite harsh and sharp. Also, neutral is not always that easy to find unless you’re rolling. Out on the road, I found it doesn’t like being in too high a gear through corners, so you need to change down nice and early and make sure you drive through them.

“I think I was expecting a bit more torque. It soon got easier, though, and I settled into the Ducati Scrambler Classic quite happily. The sit-up-style was quite new to me. It does encourage a much more relaxed manner of riding, though, which I found I liked. You can cruise along happily without it begging and urging to be pinned at every opportunity. The retro styling also won it a few extra points. I guess I really liked it.”

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