Honda Bulldog Headed for Showrooms?

It’s been more than a year since Honda whipped the covers off its Bulldog concept bike at the 2015 Osaka Motorcycle Show but hints are still being dropped that it might reach production.

A patent application showing photographs of a prototype Honda Bulldog – fractionally different to the show machine – is intended to stop rivals copying the methods used to build and mount the distinctive crash bars.

The subject matter is pretty mundane, but that in itself makes the case for the Bulldog’s production all the stronger. It’s expensive to apply for patents, so why would Honda do it unless it plans to take the concept further? Specifically, this patent protects the ideas used to bolt the Bulldog’s crash bars to the stock CB500 frame the bike is built around.

As the parallel-twin engine and chassis come from the CB500, there’s little that’s new on the Bulldog apart from the bodywork, exhaust and the distinctive wide wheels. Even the headlights and their protective surround come from Honda’s Ruckus scooter.

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