Jack Miller to Return For Jerez !

He may be back on crutches, but Jack Miller says his motivation has not been dulled by a painful start to the MotoGP season. He admitted a “simple rookie error” put him out of the Texas GP and has set back his rehabilitation from lower right leg fractures suffered in a pre-season motocross crash. Miller was a spectator in Austin, nursing a massively swollen right ankle after a crash in Friday practice when he went too fast, too early, on a cold rear tyre. The 21-year old now faces intensive physio and rehab and will arrive at Jerez less than 100 per cent fit.

Jack Miller to Return For Jerez !

“My motivation is still really high, I’m just a bit pissed off I haven’t shown my full potential. I’ve got the right package and I’m in the right frame of mind with more confidence,” Miller said about his rough start to his crucial second season in MotoGP.

“It was safer not to race and be ready for Jerez. My foot slapped the track really hard – luckily it hasn’t upset any of the surgical work or plates in my ankle, just bruising and swelling and maybe the screws moved a bit. In the right-hand corners in practice on Saturday my right foot was dragging on the ground, I had no movement. The problem is not the small fracture in my foot, I just had no strength to push off my right leg. It is a setback because my rehab from the motocross crash in January was going really well and I had just started being able to run again, now I’m back on crutches.”

After three races Miller has just two points in the MotoGP championship from his 14th place in Qatar, followed by a crash in Argentina and his forced injury withdrawal in Texas.

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