Jorge Lorenzo Has Better Situation Than Rossi at Ducati !

Juan Martinez, a former Ducati engineer, analyzes the pros and cons that will meet Jorge Lorenzo when next year comes in his new team in Borgo Panigale.

With over twenty years of experience in MotoGP as a technician and crew chief, four of which were spent in Ducati, Juan Martinez is an authoritative voice to try to analyze what awaits next year Jorge Lorenzo after the Spaniard has decided to give in to court of Ducati and change bike after nine seasons with Yamaha.

“We have to wait until the end of the year to know exactly motorcycle will find Jorge. But if we look at the results, Valentino found a bike that had won three of the last five races of 2010. That is a fact. It was probably a bike who could not adapt and brought Ducati to make many changes, “said Martinez in .

After making the comparison with Valentino Rossi , it was quick to clarify that the situation was still different in 2011: “Conceptually, it was a very different bike. He had not a perimeter frame like today. The engine was very cumbersome and was not designed for this type of frame when then introduced the perimeter. Ergonomically then has become a very difficult bike to ride. however, everything has led to change it, rather than try to understand it.”

For him it is still too early to understand that Desmosedici will be tamed in his hands the five-time world champion: “I insist, we must wait to see if Lorenzo will find a bike that has never won, or at least you took home a victory this season. the most important thing though is that the Ducati will be his bike and that will win. “

On one thing, however, he has no doubts: Jorge will be welcomed to the largest in Borgo Panigale. The important thing though is that the men of the Red did not commit again the mistakes of the past: “Surely you will find a good atmosphere and lots of love. The doors are all wide open for him. It will be interesting to see if they will focus exclusively on a pilot and if you commit even the mistakes of the past. “

According to him the right attitude to follow to build a winning project would be this: “It ‘important that the pilot feels love and a leader of the project, but also that it assumes its responsibilities. For the major pilot is important to understand that should not do anything different from what has led him to win his titles: concentrate on driving, try to go as hard as possible and let the engineers do their job. “

Big mistakes was made ​​in the Rossi era, Ducati instead was to cling too much to the rider: “These things were a bit’ lost when there was Valentino. They have been wasted so much energy, with the best intentions, but without results. they tried to use a pilot for different tasks from those that should be done, or ride the bike and do not try to be an engineer. “

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