The Carbon Fiber Halo, Brain-Cooling Safety Helmet !

The carbon fibre Halo promises to offer riders maximum protection in an accident: during a severe impact, an endothermic ring draws heat away from the brain, keeping it cool while you wait for the emergency services… who will be on their way, thanks to the built-in Halocator, which contacts a call centre in the event of a crash.

Should they get no response from the rider, GPS location data is sent to the emergency services to get them to you as fast as possible. It’s promised to work worldwide, and will cost £999, though anyone who registers their interest now will get a free Dryonizer helmet sanitiser worth £199 if they buy the helmet.

The Carbon Fiber Halo, Brain-Cooling Safety Helmet !

The first year’s subscription to the Halocator service is included in the price, then it’s £7.95 per month. The endothermic ring built into the lid needs to be replaced every two years, though a Total Care package – which costs £237.60 – includes this and a five-year warranty.

Halo Active founder Jullian Preston-Powers lost a friend to traumatic brain injury after a motorbike accident in Greece. Doctors told Jullian that, had his friend’s brain not swollen, and had recovery been faster, he might well have survived.

Since then Halo has spent $3.5 million getting to the pre-production stage, and now wants investors to take it further than a limited production run.

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