Honda CX500 Custom by Sasha Lakic

June 1978 and the Honda CX500Z arrives in town. With camchain tensioner issues. The problem is quickly fixed with a longer tensioner support, but what could have been bigger sales are compromised. The bike is good. A little heavy and a little top-heavy – but way comfy and easy to chuck around. Despatch riders adore it.

“Hacked it up to make a mono rear and get the weight down to a very creditable 125kg”

Production stops in 1983. Most have been despatched to death, the remaining few are cared for by riders who value economy and dependability over being ribbed for riding a ‘plastic maggot’.

Scroll forward to 2016 and the Honda CX500 is achieving status as the new darling of the customising classes. It’s a V-twin – always a good start. It’s cheap – better yet. Its monolithic 497cc water-cooled lump can be used as a stressed-member – easy to wrap fresh tubing around (should you have the desire and skills).

And now the best bit: they’re still almost sensible money. At £500 for a non-runner, £1200 for an average runner and £2500 for an immaculate import, this is still a bike, a good bike, within spending range for builders of vision and good sense. Like this…

Sacha Lakic out of Luxembourg, Europe did this. ‘I’ve always been a great fan of the motor,’ he said. Not alone then. But he chopped up the frame rear to make a monoshock and installed 50mm Marzocchis getting the weight down to a very creditable 125kg. Very tidy pipework too. In limited production now too (unsurprisingly).

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