10 Ways to Ride Off-road Without Buying a Bike

Try before you buy, test before you invest and crash before you part with cash? Not everyone wants the expense or trouble of owning a dirt bike. Most ‘Try-Outs’ are geared up for any level of rider; fish around and you’ll find them spread right across the UK. This is a list of tried and tested options, but there are more – your local off-road dealer is the best resource for this info. You’ll need kit for dealer try-outs (helmet, boots and gloves minimum) but most others have kit available.

10 Ways to Ride Off-road Without Buying a Bike

1. Kawasaki UK team up with Bike Safe for their training to make better riders of us rather than off-road demons – dirt bikes being the best way of learning control skills. £200 kawasaki-bikesafe.co.uk

2. Honda’s school in Mid-wales employs former multi-world MX champ, Dave Thorpe to run the school. Any level rider on Adventure, Enduro or MX bikes. £209 davethorpehondaoffroad.com

3. Yamaha also base themselves in the middle of Welsh Wales. A range of courses for any level of rider includes an ‘off-road experience’ day aimed as a taster session. £205 off-road.yamaha-offroadexperience.co.uk

4. Husqvarna UK’s ‘try-out days’ don’t provide instruction, just 15-20minutes sessions on the Husky range at practice days organised with key off-road clubs . Prices around £20-30. husqvarnamotorcycles.com/gb/dealer-search

5. KTM also run ‘try-out days’, again it is TBC for the imminent 2017 motocross and enduro models, which is a huge range, so plenty to choose from. Prices TBC again £20-30 is likely per session. ktm.com/gb/dealer/

6. KTM being the biggest off-road manufacturer, there are plenty of schools to choose from. KTM UK support two schools: enduro training with adysmith.co.uk (from £190) and MX with ktm-experience.co.uk (£185).

7. Wheeldon Farm has been running off-road training in Devon since 2003. Their 30,000ft track inside a barn helps training in all weathers, though outdoors is an option too. From £225 per day. wheeledontwo.co.uk

8. Slow-speed skills are the basis for good bike control on any bike and popular as a training tool for many road racers. These three schools can provide bike, kit and training.
>> inchperfecttrials.co.uk from £125 per day.
>> trialsday.com from £150 per day.
>> trickinthesticks.co.uk from £150.

9. Speedway could be the best value way of trying off-road. Regular sessions at Scunthorpe give you tuition, kit and a small capacity bike to learn the art of slide. £70 scunthorpescorpions.co.uk

10. Another way of learning the technique of slide is at the Flat Track School with Mr Lincolnshire ,UK bike sport legend and Bike road tester Peter Boast. £159 flattrackschool.co.uk

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