2016 LML Star Lite Review, Good-Looking Retro Scooter!

The Star Lite is the new A1 licence-friendly scooter from LML, introduced as the ‘lively little sister’ of the Star Auto. The Lite has the same 125cc engine as the big sis, but its smaller frame makes it nine kilos lighter, giving it more agility.

2016 LML Star Lite Review, Good-Looking Retro Scooter!

There’s no two ways about it, both the Star Auto and the Lite look more than a like the Vespa PX. The Star Lite’s single fork at the front, round headlight and mirrors, as well as its understated classic lines make this scooter a bit of a looker. There are also plenty of LML original accessories, from different seats and screens to luggage racks and protectors, which means that the scoot can take on many different guises.

2016 LML Star Lite Review, Good-Looking Retro Scooter!

The 125cc engine delivers power smoothly and swiftly. A good twist of the throttle will launch you from traffic lights in a flash. With urban riding 2016 LML Star Lite easy to stay with the flow of traffic and filter through slow moving lines of vehicles. Outside the city limits it’s a different story: as well as lacking in top speed (I managed 55mph) the scooter also becomes quite shaky at 50mph+ speeds, which pretty much limits this machine to urban use. And enough, this is a city scooter after all.

The 2016 LML Star Lite is light and small, which is great in town, as it makes filtering super-easy. The single fork makes the front wheel feel a little one-sided and the scooter steers into right-hand turns slightly differently than left-handers. It’s not a problem, just something to get used to.

2016 LML Star Lite Review, Good-Looking Retro Scooter!
Retro scooter with a modern sting to its tail

The suspension is slightly on the soft side, but it does make the ride very pleasant as long as you’re not trying to ride the bike too hard. The brakes are also good, with the front disc brake being great for bringing the bike to a stop quickly, while the rear drum brake is perfect for shaving a bit of speed off in corners. The riding position is very nice, even for taller riders. The seat is lovely and soft, and the handlebar grips are comfortable.

This 2016 LML Star Lite is a good-looking retro scooter that keeps things simple both in terms of design and equipment, just as you’d expect from a classic-style machine. At £2099 plus OTR the Star Lite is a grand cheaper than a Vespa PX; you might not get quite the same quality with LML, but you will have a grand to spend on accessories. Not bad!

2016 LML Star Lite Specifications and Price

Engine : 4-Stroke, Single-Cylinder, SOHC 2-Valve, Force Air-Cooled
Bore x Stroke : 57 x 49 mm
Capacity : 125 cc
Compression Ratio : 9.0 : 1
Induction : Carburettor
Transmission : Automatic, Belt-Drive
Power : –
Torque : –

Dimensions (LxWxH) : 1760 x 695 x 1110 mm
Seat Height : 820 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity : 7 Litres
Weight : 103 kg

Frame : Steel Pipe with Metal Body
Front Suspension : Single Shock
Rear Suspension : Single Shock
Front Brakes : Disc, with 1-piston Caliper
Rear Brakes : Drum Brake
Front Tyre : 3.50 – 10
Rear Tyre : 3.50 – 10

Price : £2099 +OTR

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