6 Proven Methods For Riding Safely In Wind

As if the rain, sleet and snow weren’t enough to deal with during the winter months, we are now into that period when the changeable spring weather descends — which often means high winds. This can sap your concentration and make you feel unsteady on two wheels, so here are a few top tips to help keep you safe and sound:

6 Proven Methods For Riding Safely In Wind

Stay in Control

Take control of your bike in strong winds. Naturally, your bike will move around in high winds — the severity will depend on the type of machine you are riding. The trick is to try and stay as relaxed as possible. Use the throttle and counter steer to balance out the effects.

Keep it Tight

Loose clothing will flap around and use distraction – make sure it is done up correctly. And remember to wrap up warmly. Don’t underestimate the effects of wind chill.

Think Ahead

Anticipate where you think gusts of wind will be worst, such as gaps in buildings or exposed bridges. Side winds can be equally challenging, so be prepared to lean into the wind. Predicting where and when the wind will get you, allow you to better prepare for it.

Keep the Speed Down

If you’re being buffeted and feel Iike you’re losing control ease off the accelerator and reduce your speed. While some riders find that slowing down helps, other riders prefer to keep their machine under slight acceleration — be prepared to try both.

Gimme Shelter

Larger vehicles can offer shelter. However, make sure this does not make you vulnerable to another vehicle being blown towards you.

Take Care

Give other road users more room when filtering through traflic. lf roads are congested and you or any other road users are vulnerable to high winds simply avoid overtaking.

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