Amazing Custom Yamaha XV750 by Moto Adonis!

The Yamaha XV-series has become a symbol for custom bike lovers and have become the ideal platform for those whose imagination allows them to transform a standard bike into something unique. After XV950 custom “Son of Time”, Perhaps that’s why this Yamaha XV750 has metamorphosed into a unique, special bike, a chic and unique beauty. The creator of this XV750 Adonis is Dutch Daan Borsje, which since its workshop in Roosendaal has customise lot of motorcycles.

To achieve this transformation, 27-year-old Daan Borsje of Moto Adonis has used parts of a YZF-R1 2012 (forks, brakes and wheel). He’s adapted and combined the XV750 and R1 triple trees, also Kawasaki Ninja’s handlebar – keeping the modern conical bearings. The tires are Dunlop Sportmax a while connection between the chassis and the swing is performed by a 38mm Hagon’s multi-adjustable damper. The fuel tank comes from a Benelli, The tank was sandblasted back to the raw metal before the black paint and a clear coat were applied—a simple but striking effect.

The blinkers and keyless ignition system are from Motogadget, and there’s a circular Koso fully-digital speedo set into the front of the top yoke. This XV750 by Moto Adonis is now back with its owner Fabrice in the ancient Belgian city of Ghent, famous for its punishing cobbled streets—where the new suspension will no doubt come in handy.

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