Australia Wants to Have Its Own TT

The Australian TT project, which is already in an advanced stage, intends to organise a race usually open to traffic – with a 47 kilometres fence, which would have four categories and which would take part it is up to 20 pilots by category . Your name: Sunshine Coast International TT.

Australia Wants to Have its Own TT

The chosen area is one of the most popular for bikers Australian fans during the weekend, a slightly hilly area, in the region of Queensland, near the city of Brisbane. The operations centre would be the small town of Maleny, known for its peaceful atmosphere, surrounded by wooded areas and hills and winding roads that often attract hundreds of bikers seeking fun and relaxation in the area.

The organisers claim that the level of competition is high from the outset and therefore will make a selection of participants based on their professional curriculum . The intention is that the first test was held in November 2017 and has a duration of three or four days.

The output would be similar to TT. Riders would come out with a difference of 20 seconds and should give 3 or 4 laps of the course. Unlike the TT, public access would be limited to certain areas and would have to go through the box office. The maximum flow would be 16,500 people and is expected to generate revenues of more than 8 million euros.

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