BST Carbon-Fibre Wheels (TL1000R) Review, Handling & Performance Improvement !

We’ve used these BST carbon-fibre wheels for the last two years on Suzuki TL1000R. We’ve found them to be a quality product that gives a huge weight saving, and corresponding increase in performance.

By moving from TL1000R to standard GSX-R1000 L2 wheels and then carbon BST wheels, we’ve managed to save a huge amount of rotational inertia, allowing the bike to turn harder and faster, accelerate more quickly and stop in shorter distances.

A monocoque carbon construction, and auto clave cured under high pressure, they incorporate alloy hubs and alloy disc and cush-drive mounts. BST are the world’s biggest producer of carbon wheels and offer fitting kits for every popular bike on the market, including older machines like the TL-R. The weight savings are huge: at 2.52kg, the front wheel is 46% lighter than the standard TL wheel, and the rear is 33% lighter, saving more than 4kg of weight in total, and transforming the handling, even compared to the much lighter (than TL items) stock GSX-R1000 L2 wheels.

They’ve played a major part in making the TL one of the best handling bikes I’ve ever ridden. The 4kg could alternatively be saved with something like an exhaust system, but the weight is much more pronounced on rotating parts, making the bike feel much lighter and faster steering. The low CofG of the TL suits light wheels without any of the too-fast ‘drop in’ you get when you put light wheels on a tall bike, such as when we tried some on our Triumph Daytona racer.

A common, tried and trusted route for making your bike perform better, while they do cost as much as a used 954 FireBlade(!), they do really work.

Price : £2500

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