EDZ Three-Layer System Review, Top-Quality !

EDZ is a Cumbria-based specialist clothing brand that has been in business since 1995. This three-layer system is its answer to the age-old question of how to stay warm on a bike when Mother Nature does her best to put a chill in your bones. The layers in the system are all very thin, but made from top-quality materials to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

EDZ Three-Layer System Review, Top-Quality !

The EDZ base layer is made from Merino wool, which is very fine-grade wool that feels soft and warm. Merino wool also has odour-resistant qualities, so it can be worn for a few days without a wash and it won’t start smelling. Great for touring as you don’t need new tops for each day!

For the cold days, the thin microfleece EDZ mid-layer adds warmth to the system. It’s a nice and thin layer which fits nicely under the riding jacket without feeling bulky.

The third layer is an EDZ super-thin inner shell wind-stopper. It packs into a little pouch, which is no bigger than a satsuma and much lighter (about 90g). Just because of the thin and light nature of the product I wasn’t expecting much from it, but wearing it in the cold and wet I have been thoroughly impressed. It makes a real difference in stopping wind chill and helping you enjoy those cold rides a bit longer. Combining the three layers produces a great overall performance that provides warmth and battles wind chill. These have become a part of my regular kit on the bike and help me keep warm even when the weather gets nasty.

The EDZ Three-Layer System sizes available are XS-3XL. The base layer comes in black, graphite, green, red and purple, the mid-layer in black, red and blue, and finally the inner shell in black.

Price :

– Base Layer : £50
– Mid-Layer : £30
– Innershell : £50

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