Knox Aegis Back Protector Review, Excellent Protection !

I’ve been using the Aegis back protector from Knox for the last few months, and in this time it has become a part of my standard riding kit. What I was most surprised about was how quickly I got used to wearing it.

Knox Aegis Back Protector Review, Excellent Protection !

Looking at the size of the protector and feeling the weight of it, I was expecting to find Knox Aegis Back Protector a bit restrictive on the bike, but this was not the case. The first ride with the protector felt a bit odd because of the added bulge on my back, but I quickly got used to it and didn’t really feel that it impeded my riding in any way.

It’s important to get the size right: too big and you feel like a teenage mutant ninja turtle, too small and you don’t get enough protection. I got mine fitted by the Knox experts at Motorcycle Live to make sure it was just right.

The Aegis is Level 2 CE-certified to the new Motorcycle Back Protector Standard EN1621–2:2014. This is the highest standard currently available. Compared to in-jacket protectors (which are usually Level 1-certified) this is a serious piece of kit and certainly fills me with confidence in a way that a bit of foam on my back never would.

Knox Aegis Back Protector Review, Excellent Protection !

The protector features a multi-position waist strap system to give the best individual fit, and extra side adjustment straps provide a more secure fit against the spine. It’s easy to use and once adjusted to the right length there is only one strap that needs adjusting when you put the protector on. Quick-release soft shoulder straps can be crossed over for increased comfort, but I found that they worked fine without crossing them.

The Aegis Back Protector has a flexible sliding spine protection system that moves freely over the shock-absorbing honeycomb structure, ensuring maximum coverage as the body moves. The air ventilation system based on open cell technology allows air flow to keep the rider cool.

I found the Knox-Aegis a little bit smaller and easier to get used to than some other back protectors I have tried. It feels very natural on the back and moves in a seamless way. To be honest I hardly notice I’m wearing it now. If you are looking for a back protector, this is an excellent choice; it provides excellent protection, has plenty of adjusters to get the perfect fit, and feels comfortable on your back.

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