Knox Leonard Jacket & Forma Boulder Trial Boots Review

Trad-style wax jackets are ‘in’ but this Knox Leonard Jacket is different, being wax cotton that’s not a Belstaff rip-off. Zips run from each cuff, up the inner arm and down each side – these let it expand and effectively become a size bigger, so it goes from hip casual garment to a bike jacket that’ll fit over an armoured layer.

Sounds faffy but it works – Knox Leonard Jacket is a dual-purpose jacket. Not sure I’d want to slide down the road in it, but it’s good on quick blasts, waterproof, and great for walking Albert, my Jack Russell.

And I bought these Forma Boulder Trial Boots when I got my trials bike because the bloke in the shop warned me off wearing my clumpy old motocross boots. How right he was. These feel as protective, yet are all-day comfortable and you can walk normally.

Forma Boulder Trial Boots are breathable so your feet don’t get too niffy but, alas, they’re not waterproof.

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