New Harley-Davidson Sport Glide for 2017?

Harley-Davidson has a habit of digging into its past when looking for a new derivative of its seminal V-twin cruisers, and it’s set to do the same again with the launch of the 2017 Sport Glide.

New Harley-Davidson Sport Glide for 2017?

From 1983 until 1993, Harley-Davidson had the FXRT Sport Glide, a ‘bagger’ version of the FXR, itself the predecessor of the modern Dyna models. Now Harley has applied for a new trademark on the Sport Glide name, and history shows that such trademark applications are usually swiftly followed by the launch of a new bike.

The original Sport Glide was a faired bagger – very on-trend right now – and was based around the FXR chassis, which sat between the heavy FL machines and the XL Sportster models, combining Harley’s largest engines with a lighter frame than the big tourers. That position in Harley’s range is the current Dyna range’s niche, so we can expect the new 2017 Sport Glide to be a 103 cubic-inch Dyna model.

Given the timing of the trademark application, it’s likely that the Sport Glide will turn up later this year as part of Harley’s 2017 range

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