Premier Jet Vintage Mali 9 BM, Fantastic Open Face Helmet !

Usually when I review helmets the irst thing I concentrate on is what features they have, what they are made of, that sort of thing. But with the Premier Jet Vintage Mali 9 BM all that went out of the window for the first few minutes as I just took in the visuals of this lid. I know the design will divide opinion, but I think it’s fantastic. I love the bright, retro colours and the abstract, cartoon-like drawings.

Premier Jet Vintage Mali 9 BM, Fantastic Open Face Helmet !

On closer inspection the helmet is not just a pretty thing, Premier Jet Vintage Mali 9 BM also boasts some impressive features. The removable and washable lining is nice and soft to touch and complements the good it of the shell. The result is a helmet that feels reassuringly snug and comfortable.

The Premier Jet Vintage Mali 9 BM’s shell is made of three-composite fibreglass material (Dyneema-Carbon-Aramidic) and epoxy resin. It feels firm and the shape is pleasing. Some open-face helmets feel like they sit on the top of your head, but this one covers a good stretch of the back and sides of the neck.

The lack of air vents is probably a conscious choice as these vintage-style helmets don’t tend to have them, and to be honest at the time of writing it is cool enough without any need for any ventilation.

The only thing that I’m not entirely happy with is the internal lip-down visor. It provides good protection for the eyes and the slightly tinted colour is fine, but it’s quite stiff and takes a bit too much concentration to operate for my liking. The chin strap is easy to use, with its quick-release mechanism, and the strap sits nicely under the chin without poking at your throat.

If you like the bright, retro looks of this helmet (and who woudn’t), it’s deinitely worth a try. It’s available in sizes XS-XL and various graphics – in case the Premier Jet Vintage Mali 9 BM doesn’t do it for you.

Price : £189

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