Putoline RS1 Wax Polish Review

I’ve never used wax polish after washing bikes, but this silicon- free Putoline RS1 Wax Polish foam spray was drafted in to bring my 2015 long-term test bike back up to scratch after a year of daily use.

Putoline RS1 Wax Polish Review

It’s easy to use – just spray and polish with a cloth. It doesn’t take ages to buff up to a good quality shine, and despite using it rather liberally on my 2015 Kawasaki 1400GTR – which has acres of fairings – it feels like there’s loads left in the 500ml can. After only spending a few minutes with the polish, the plastics looked almost new, with no visible streaks. The Putoline RS1 Wax Polish can be used on aluminium, carbon, titanium, and painted surfaces.

Unfortunately, Like standard, non-spray wax, Putoline RS1 Wax Polish can build up around stickers and screws, leaving white residue around the edges. Since it’s a spray it can be a little messy to apply, especially if you’re working outdoors on A windy day. Spraying it onto a cloth first is better for those awkward places.

Price : £9.99

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