Spada Jet Stream Review, Budget Open Face Helmet !

This Jet Stream is a great looking budget helmet from Spada, with an injection-moulded plastic shell. It’s easy to use and comes with several good features: the helmet has a buckle strap system, which is easy to use while wearing motorcycle gloves; the lip-up clear visor ofers wind protection and means there is no need for goggles; and the stylish brown leather ear protection and neckwarming piece looks good.

Spada Jet Stream Review, Budget Open Face Helmet !

I liked the Jack colour scheme, which includes a metallic white paint finish and Union Jack graphics. It gives the helmet a more exclusive look than the price tag might suggest. The Spada Jet Stream helmet is comfortable to wear and really easy to use when compared to the full face helmets I’ve been used to wearing for the last 18 years: talking to people both on and of the bike, having a drink and many other things are all easier when wearing an open face lid, as the helmet obviously doesn’t need to be removed to achieve these tasks.

The Spada Jet Stream helmet is priced very competitively (the only helmet we reviewed that was cheaper was Mau’s Duchinni D501), it’s ECE-R22.05 type-approved and the visor is very easy to remove. Various lining pads can also be added and removed to make sure the helmet its snugly. Finally, glasses can be worn easily under the helmet and taken of or put on without any problems.

For me, its advantages are ease of use, style and price. My only dislike would apply to any open face helmet: feeling more vulnerable without any protection around the chin and mouth area when riding at anything approaching A-road speeds – but it certainly feels more exciting in an open face helmet! The Spada Jet Stream helmet comes in sizes XS-XL and the colour options are either black or ‘the Jack’.

Price : £49.99

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