What Happened to the Triumph Daytona 250?

There was huge excitement around the proposed Daytona 250 range revealed in myriad spy shots, then officially confirmed by Triumph at the Milan show in 2013. Advanced prototypes in both Street Triple and Daytona guises were seen regularly, and the world was caught up in a whirlwind of expectation – then Triumph pulled the plug at the end of 2014. So what happened, and was it the right decision?

What Happened to the Triumph Daytona 250?

“We are looking all the time at what is happening around the world and the trends in the market, and at the time we decided to focus on the new models that have been released recently – and prioritised them,” says Nick Bloor, The Triumph’s CEO. “So, you ask if this was the right thing to do, and I think absolutely – in terms of using the resources within the business to deliver fantastic product.

“These are never easy decisions to make, a lot of time and effort has gone into the development up until the point where you decide not to continue. There are a few models that haven’t made it all the way through to production, and you just have to look at the facts and decide what’s right for the long-term business future of Triumph. So not easy decisions, but important ones.”

What Happened to the Triumph Daytona 250?

“Very few new projects make it that far into development and get killed off,” interjects Steve Sargent, Triumph’s Chief Product Officer.

“We have a very vigorous process that we go through on all new product development, which is constantly reviewed, and there are certain questions throughout that process that have to be answered positively, and if they can’t be then we have to make a difficult decision,” adds Paul Stroud, Chief Commercial Officer. “It’s never easy because people have worked on them and we’d even made a public statement.”

“From a volume perspective it was interesting, and in terms of breadth of range, and for dealers. But what we noticed was that by absolutely focusing on our core product ranges there was still so much opportunity for us to go after and build our strength to deliver really awesome products,” Bloor concludes.

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