7 Coolest Modern Ducati

You’ll be king of World Ducati Week with one of these beauties…

Ducati Paul Smart 1000 LE (2006)

7 Coolest Modern Ducati - Ducati Paul Smart 1000 LE (2006)

Most exclusive and alluring of Ducati’s original, three-strong 1000DS-powered Sports Classics family is also the rarest and most valuable. The Imola 200-inspired LE and 1000 Sport shared mono seat bodywork and single-sided swingarm with LE set apart by half-fairing, silver/green livery, uprated Ohlins suspension and a production run of just 2000. Twin seat/sided swingarm-ed GT1000 came a little later. Appeal and collectability are enormous.

What you’ll pay today? £18k-plus.

Ducati 749R (2004)

7 Coolest Modern Ducati - Ducati 749R

If the Terblanche-penned successor to the 916, the 999, initially underwhelmed and the junior 749 equally failed to excite, then it all came right with the exotic R version. The tuned, higher-revving Testastretta motor produced a full 13bhp more than standard (and was more exciting than the lumpier 999R). Magnesium, aluminium and carbon shaved weight while Öhlins, Marchesini and Brembo gave it their finest to produce one of the best-handling motorcycles of the decade.

What you’ll pay today? Ducati 749Rs are going for £8000 and climbing.

Ducati Monster S4RS Tricolore (2008)

7 Coolest Modern Ducati - Ducati Monster S4RS Tricolore (2008)

The first 916-powered S4 came in 2001 followed by the S4R, with uprated chassis in 2003. The better-still S4RS, with Öhlins and even more power, debuted in 2006 with the model peaking two years later with the limited-edition 130bhp Tricolore.

What you’ll pay today? £8k-plius but a stock S4RS can be had for £6k.

Ducati 900SS FE (1998)

7 Coolest Modern Ducati - Ducati 900SS FE (1998)

Limited-edition, high-spec version of the classic 900SS produced between 1991 and 1998. With its air-cooled twin boosted by 6bhp, the FE is otherwise based on Superlight spec (getting a solo seat, Marvic wheels, improved forks and brakes and a carbon mudguard).

What you’ll pay today? Rare but we’ve seen them for as little as £6500.

Ducati 916 SPA 955 (1996)

7 Coolest Modern Ducati - Ducati 916 SPA 955 (1996)

The rarest 916 of all is surely the SPA, an ultra-limited edition (just 54 were made), race-kitted special built by the Ducati racing department for homologation purposes to race in the US AMA Superbike series. As such it has all the pure good looks of the original 916 and all the benefits of its 955cc and 124bhp.

What you’ll pay today? £30,000-plus.

Ducati Desmosedici RR (2007-2009)

7 Coolest Modern Ducati - Ducati Desmosedici RR (2007-2009)

Outrageous, pukka, MotoGP replica with lights was unique until this year’s arrival of the Honda RC213V-S. But even that, at £138,000, can’t match the exquisite Ducati V4’s 200bhp. Inspired by the 999cc GP6 of 2006 it comes with true race-spec everything yet also, amazingly, a numberplate holder and three-year warranty. So extreme and stiff it suffers on the road and mere mortals will struggle to appreciate it on track.

What you’ll pay today? £40k when new, now climbing over £50k.

Ducati Supermono (1993-97)

7 Coolest Modern Ducati - Ducati Supermono (1993-97)

Powered by a 549cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, Desmo four-valve single, the Supermono produced 75bhp. And with its aluminium, carbon-fibre and magnesium chassis combined with the very best of cycle parts including Öhlins and Brembo, it wanted for nothing. Just 67 were built.

What you’ll pay today? £100,000.

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