Givi WP400 Review, Great Soft Bag!

The WP400 from Givi is a waterproof 40 litre soft bag that can be strapped on pretty much any bike. It’s made from fully waterproof, lightweight and abrasion resistant material, so it can handle all seasons and regular use.

I have used Givi WP400 soft bag on several bikes, in all kinds of weather conditions, and I’m very impressed. All my stuff in the bag has stayed dry, and the bag has sat firmly on the pillion seat, strapped down with a couple of bungee ropes (provided with the bag). The bag is also easy to wipe clean if it gets mucky on my travels.

Thanks to the roll-up closing system, the bag can be either filled to the brim or left half empty, without it flapping around in the wind. You just tighten the straps and secure the buckles, and Givi WP400 transforms to the right size.

There are padded carry handles and a detachable shoulder strap, so you can carry the bag or sling it over your shoulder and have your hands free. Waterproof, sturdy and easy to use; Givi WP400 soft bag is a great bag if your bike doesn’t have any fixed luggage, or if you just want to carry more stuff with you.

Price : £50

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