Hood K7 Jeans Review, Impressive Level of Protection!

I’ve only recently started to use riding jeans instead of leathers or heavy-duty textile trousers. The biggest reason for my hesitation was always the level of protection (or the lack of it) offered by motorcycling jeans. So, no prizes for guessing what particularly drew me towards Hood K7 Jeans. Yep, it was the impressive level of protection they offer.

Hood K7 Jeans Review, Impressive Level of Protection!

The Hood K7 jeans feature a K-tech para-aramid lining, which is soft to touch, but highly abrasion-resistant. The lining runs all the way from the waist to the top of the boots, which was an instant plus for me. Some riding jeans only have the protective lining in areas most likely to meet the tarmac in case of a spill, which always leaves me feeling a bit unsure about the protection they would offer if I ended up with the shiny side down. No such worries with these jeans!

The Hood K7 Jeans are ready for optional D3O hip and knee armour, with two options to choose from: armour certified to CE Level 1, or CE Level 2. The first option adds £30 to the price of the jeans, while the second option costs an extra £42. Not a big investment for extra safety. The armour is attached to the jeans with large Velcro strips, which means you can move the protectors up and down, left and right. With some trousers I find that the knee protectors slide to the inside of my knee, but with these I can make sure the armour is exactly where I want it.

Aside from the protection, what I really like is the service that Hood K7 Jeans offers. This is a family business offering great customer service. The jeans are made in the UK and to make sure the fit is exactly right, leg length is altered at no extra cost – a real boon as I always seem to be in between the standard sizes. This is a premium pair of jeans and doesn’t cost the earth. They are made in the UK and come with great service included. A safe bet if you’re planning on investing in riding jeans.

Price : £122.99 (without Armour)

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