MotoGP Sachsenring 2016 Preview: Marquez Time!

We have seen to be more conservative than ever but now comes the time for Marc Márquez. The MotoGP Sachsenring 2016 race, which this weekend will be played is arriving in the territory of Cervera pilot. A circuit is given great both him and the Honda and where could increase its income in the overall standings.

MotoGP Sachsenring 2016 Preview: Marquez Time!

The Spanish rider in 2016 is being immaculate as far as performance is concerned. Their results are fabulous and praise the spectacular regularity that is offering every weekend. If last year all we criticized the inability to know Marquez be second or third when the occasion demanded, now the film has a complete overturning his script. Marquez is being much smarter than last year.

But nobody is perfect in this life, Marquez is now claiming nothing, you win. And this weekend has a perfect opportunity to do it in a track where he has won three MotoGP races. A track which adapts very well to his style, because it is a large karting in to be hung on the bike for a long time, a land where Marc knows how to put the rest to make a difference with the rest.

MotoGP Sachsenring 2016 Preview: Marquez Time!

To this we can add the ability to go fast Honda always on the German track. Sachsenring last year was the only race of the year in which we witness a double official HRC team since Dani Pedrosa, disappeared until this stage of the season, he began to finished ahead of the two Movistar Yamaha riders.

Currently Marc Marquez has 24 points over Jorge Lorenzo and 42 with Valentino Rossi, a great distance to meet the following races lighter than its two main rivals. However, the reality is that this weekend should see the other version of Marc Márquez, the same as we saw both in Argentina and in Austin, the two circuits which have seen him win the Cervera this season.

A win at Sachsenring catapult further Marquez in general, which could leave Lorenzo and Rossi further, which would set off alarms in Yamaha realizing Marquez, with a bike clearly inferior, it is taking the colors of the two Iwata pilots. A distance that could be higher if Pedrosa , as happened in 2015, is becoming more competitive from Sachsenring. What is clear is that this weekend it’s time for Marc Márquez. No more being conservative, now it ‘s going to win.

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