Öhlins STX46 Shock for Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin

Each year there’s a bike that becomes a key focus for the people who make their money selling upgrade parts, and for 2016 Honda’s CRF1000L Africa Twin looks like being at the top of that list. Suspension maestros Öhlins have joined the Africa Twin party and created a replacement shock for Honda’s classy and big-selling adventure bike. It’s the company’s STX46 model, which offers a wide range of adjustment and promises a comfort improvement over the standard suspension.

Öhlins STX46 Shock for Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin

The Öhlins STX46 is adjustable for both compression and rebound damping, while preload can be fine-tuned via a remote adjuster to suit riding with pillions and/or luggage. The Africa Twin’s standard rear shock is already adjustable for compression and rebound damping as well, so fitting an aftermarket replacement is less crucial than on many other bikes. It also has a remote preload adjuster on the standard bike, so it’s in good trim as stock.

But the range of adjustment on standard units is often tight controlled so a replacement shock is likely to have a greater effect. The Öhlins STX46 comes with a 95N/mm spring and helpfully there’s an optional 105N/mm spring to suit heavier riders or those who want to carry bigger loads while travelling on their Africa Twin.

3 Things to Know About Öhlins STX46

– Two spring weights are available 95N/mm or 105N/mm. The number refers to the amount of force required to compress the spring by one millimetre.

– Buyers will have access to the Öhlins settings library, which will help with getting the set-up right for their intended riding style and conditions.

– The main shock has a piggyback reservoir to keep the damping fluid cooler and more consistent than containing it in the main body of the shock.

Price : £875

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