OxProds XD5 Compact Disc Lock Review, Great for Scooters!

A good percentage of bike disc locks are too big and clumsy to fit onto smaller scooter models, but Oxford Products (OxProds)’ XD5 Compact Disc Lock model helps to solve that issue. Its small shape and size mean that it is convenient to carry around and your bike can be secured wherever you happen to be.

OxProds XD5 Compact Disc Lock Review, Great for Scooters!

OxProds claims the twin spar lock chassis gives it double strength and therefore makes it more resistant to cutting. The 5mm lock pin is made out of hardened alloy steel, which also helps with security. It comes with a ‘Minder cable’ attachment eye, Which means you can hook it up to the OxProds ‘Minder cable’ that comes with XD5 Compact disc lock. Also included are three lock keys – and if you manage to lose all of those, then a replacement key service is available.

The OxProds XD5 Compact disc lock is quick and easy to use and its universal fit means that it is suitable for most of the smaller bikes plus modern auto and classic scooters models like the Vespa PX Disc, or most of the LML Scooters range. It comes in a variety of different colours.

Price : £24.99

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