Rieju MRT 50 Trophy Supermotard Review, Worth Trying!

Rieju says that the MRT 50 has been the UK’s best-selling geared 50cc bike for the last 18 months. It’s easy to see why: this 50cc moped has the looks of a much bigger bike. The Trophy Supermotard is powered by a Yamaha Minarelli 50cc liquid-cooled motor. The power is delivered through a six-speed gearbox and chain drive.

Rieju MRT 50 Trophy Supermotard Review, Worth Trying!

Our MRT 50 Trophy Supermotard test bike was brand-new and the gearbox was a little tight, but Rieju assured us that after a proper run-in the gears would become looser. This bike is kick-start only (no electric start). It’s easy to use once you get the hang of it (and remember to open the fuel tap and use the choke).

Rieju MRT 50 Trophy Supermotard – On The Ride!

Rieju MRT 50 Trophy Supermotard Review, Worth Trying!

Riding comfort was good. Because of its height there’s lots of leg space and you can see over the tops of cars on busy city streets. The downside of the off-road spec is that the seat is designed for performance, not comfort. It’s on the hard side, but as these bikes are unlikely to do long journeys, Rieju MRT 50 Trophy Supermotard should be perfectly acceptable to most riders.

There’s three bikes in the Rieju MRT 50 stable: the Supermotard, the Pro Supermotard, and the one we tested, the Trophy Supermotard. They all share the same engine, frame and most other parts. The difference is in the brakes and suspension. Our test bike had inverted 41mm forks and an adjustable rear mono-shock absorber.

Rieju MRT 50 Trophy Supermotard offered a smooth ride and didn’t compress too much, even with a larger gentleman riding. The brakes are pretty high spec for a bike this size. They were more than capable of bringing the bike to a quick stop.

The Rieju MRT 50 Trophy Supermotard comes with a two-year parts and labour warranty, showing that Rieju is pretty confident with the build quality. If you want a moped with the looks and spec for some off-road action, this bike is worth trying.

Rieju MRT 50 Trophy Supermotard Specifications and Price

Engine : 2-Stroke, Minarelli NG Single-cylinder, Liquid-Cooled
Bore x Stroke : 40.3 x 39 mm
Capacity : 50 cc
Compression Ratio : –
Induction : Dell’Orto PHBN 16
Transmission : 6-Speed, Chain-Drive
Power : 3.4 HP @ 6.500 RPM
Torque : 3.8 N.m @ 6.000 RPM

Dimensions (LxWxH) : 2.070 x 800 x 1.145 mm
Wheelbase : 1.380 mm
Seat Height : 870 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity : 6.32 Litres
Weight : 85 kg (dry, claimed)

Frame : Double Cradle Steel Perimeter Frame
Front Suspension : 41mm Upside-Down Fork
Rear Suspension : Gas Monoshock, Adjustable Preload & Rebound
Front Brakes : Galfer 300mm Wavy Discs, with 2-Piston Caliper
Rear Brakes : Galfer 200mm Wavy Discs, with 1-Piston Caliper
Front Tyre : 100/80 – 17
Rear Tyre : 130/70 – 17

Price : £2899

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