RST Tractech Evo Race Glove Review

Looking for gloves that will protect your hands to the level required by racers? Then the RST Tractech Evo race glove is one to check out. It may be designed for racing, but it will work just as well on the road. The leather gloves combine premium grade cowhide with a kangaroo palm. There are stretch panels to add flexibility to the protection offered by leather, and the fingers are pre-curved to help you get the best possible grip on the bars.

These RST Tractech Evo Race are very comfortable gloves. On a warm day the perforated leather and the air vents in the fingers keep your hands nice and cool, but there’s no thermal or waterproof membrane, so they are really for fair weather riding only.

RST Tractech Evo Race’s protection levels are impressive with double stitched seams, finger joint protectors, double layer leather in palm and Kevlar thread. There’s even a memory elastane impact knuckle protector. This is the same material that RST uses in the new Aktiv back protector and combined with the hard carbon knuckle it adds another level of protection to these gloves.

They are secured in place with a double cuff closure system, where two big overlapping Velcro panels ensure that each glove stays in place. There’s also a further Velcro wrist closure strap to add to adjustments.

The RST Tractech Evo Race gloves are designed to offer great feel of the grips as well as great levels of protection. They feel light, but substantial and you can appreciate why professional racers use these.

Price : £89.99

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