Shark S700 Helmet Review, Good Value!

This injected thermoplastic resin ACU approved Shark S700 helmet has a four-star Sharp helmet rating (losing the one star for average side-impact protection). This is the ‘Full Mat’ version – prices increase to £149.99 for patterns, and £159.99 for the race replicas, but every helmet in the range includes a drop-down sun-visor and a micro-lock, ratchet-type buckle system. The lining is removable and machine-washable.

The visor is very easy to remove, using a simple push-button on either side of the visor itself, with replacements costing around £45-£50. A Pinlock is included with the lid, and provides fog-free riding – it’s not one of the ‘Max-Vision’ inserts, but I haven’t had any problems with visibility.

While I haven’t found myself over-heating in the lid, the vents make little obvious difference in their open or closed orientations – air appears to drive into the front of the lid regardless of the chin vent’s position, but not to an uncomfortable level at all.

I don’t wear glasses, so it’s not an issue for me, but there’s no space in the padding for spectacles – short-sighted riders may want to look at a helmet with channels formed in the liner. The drop-down visor is effective, though I prefer a dark outer visor to avoid the distracting line of light at the bottom that all helmets give. It stays up securely, until being very easily and positively flicked down with the left-hand-side lever.

I’m very impressed with the comfort of this good-value Shark S700 helmet. I ride fewer miles than some, so I haven’t felt the need to spend two or three times the price, and having used this for a couple of years already, I’m very happy with its performance.

Shark S700 is Pinlock ready, but one isn’t included with the lid, so budget an additional £32.99 if you want to remain fog-free. This does push the price of the Shark up considerably, but if it were included, and priced at £169.99, then given the comfort it offers I’d still be impressed.

Price : £139.99

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