Yamaha Racing Gear Bag Review

If you have ever gone on a fly-and-ride holiday or needed to pack you biking gear for travel, you’ll know just how much space it can take. Regular suitcases can sometimes work, but they tend to be a bit narrow to fit all your bulky stuff in. That’s where this racing gear bag from Yamaha comes in handy. It provides a large soft compartment at the top and a hard compartment below, giving you the option to pack the more fragile items where there’s more protection available.

Yamaha Racing Gear Bag Review

The top compartment features removable side walls to help you squish it down and save space when it’s not in use. Yamaha Racing Gear Bag also has a compartment divider, removable zipped bag for small items, and waterproof compartments in the lid. The bottom compartment contains an integrated mud mat (just in case you need something clean and dry to stand on when you’re getting changed outdoors), waterproof lining and elastic garment stays.

The Yamaha Racing Gear Bag might be big, but it’s easy to haul around as it has good wheels and a telescopic handle. There are also additional grip handles on the top, bottom and sides for lifting and moving it. The bag looks great with the Yamaha Racing logo and the blue and black colours, and it makes travelling with all the bike gear a lot easier.

Price : £Ask www.yamaha-motor.eu

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