2017 Yamaha MT-07 Will be Getting A New Style!

Yamaha’s hugely popular MT-07 will be getting a new style, with an MT-10-inspired facelift according to new patents in 2017. The patent itself is specifically about a new type of tightly-focused LED headlight that’s intended to be very bright but also has a sharp cut-off around the edge of its light field.

As a result of this, the best way of achieving a good pattern of light on the road ahead is to use several of these LED units, each adjusted to point in a slightly different direction. Further illustrations go into detail about the construction of the LED headlight unit used in the 2017 Yamaha MT-07, even showing specifics of the lens covers and mounting brackets.

Yamaha’s patent shows several generic drawings of motorcycles with different arrangements of four or six of these LED lights on their noses. The illustrations include cheap 125cc-style naked bikes and fully faired superbikes, but one set of drawings stands out in particular. They clearly show an MT-07, and in much more detail than any of the other drawings.

In particular, the four-light set-up on the proposed 2017 Yamaha MT-07 is intended to allow the lights – which are small in circumference but have deep rear sections – to slot either side of the steering stem, allowing them to be positioned further back than a conventional single headlight, with two LED units stacked on each side of the nose. The strategy is emphasised by the stylistic design of the light unit, which splits the left and right sides under separate lenses and places what appears to be a dummy air intake between them.

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