All-New Norton 650 Twin For 2017!

Work on the top-end new V4 model is under way now and bikes will be delivered in June/July 2017. The focus will then shift to the standard model, and onto an all-new Norton 650. Garner says the 650 twin will be unveiled in November 2017 and go on sale the following year. And while this bike may not have the headline-grabbing stats of the V4, it should be a very capable middleweight.

Garner said: “We are targeting 100kg and 100bhp so it should go and handle a bit like an old 250 GP bike.” Both the 1200 and 650 have been designed in conjunction with world renowned engine designers Ricardo. Norton are also working to ensure the current Commando range meets new EURO4 regs that come into force next year. Garner explained: “We want to continue with the Commando as it is a great bike that is selling well.

If we keep the Commando, then add the V4 1200 and the 650 we should end up with three engine platforms and eight or nine different models. “While we never want to be a mass producer we would like to get to a point where we are selling two to three thousand of each engine capacity a year.”

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