Moto Guzzi MGX-21 can be Ordered Now…!

Anyone interested in the Moto Guzzi MGX-21, can reserve a copy now online. This one is not only one of the first owners worldwide, but gets a motorcycle for matching Jethelm, a motorcycle goggles and two-year warranty extension for free. However, the prerequisite is that the reservation to 7 August 2016, confirmed in writing at a Moto Guzzi Authorised Dealer.

Moto Guzzi MGX-21 can be Ordered Now...!

The price of the Moto Guzzi MGX-21 is inclusive of VAT and Service charges 23,000 euros on the reservation requires a deposit of Moto Guzzi 921 Euro. Technical based Moto Guzzi MGX-21 on the Moto Guzzi California 1400. Red valve cover emphasize the powerful V-Twin engine with longitudinal crankshaft. The low stern and the high front with handlebars fixed panel are based on the US-excavator mode. The 21-inch front disc wheel looks like, but is a disguised cast wheel.

The booking of Moto Guzzi MGX-21 works online via this link. As part of Moto Guzzi Open House Days (9 to 11 September 2016 Mandello del Lario), All of the MGX-21 customers have the opportunity to experience their brand live. A factory tour, the exhibition promised all current and of course the historical models and the special character and the unique appeal of the brand.

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