New Pirelli Angel CiTy For Smaller Capacity Bikes

Pirelli has introduced a new tyre specifically for smaller capacity bikes. The new Pirelli Angel CiTy is a specific development that has a starting point in the Angel GT. It’s aimed at urban bikers using their smaller capacity machines for commuting and therefore needing mileage, durability and braking performance in all conditions. They’re also aimed at young leisure riders.

New Pirelli Angel CiTy For Smaller Capacity Bikes

The New Pirelli Angel CiTy has completely new compounds, profiles, structures and design. It also benefits from a new tread pattern derived from Angel GT, designed to ensure maximum mileage and an exceptional drainage of water.

The tyre has a high level of durability and resistance that according to Pirelli’s tests is around 30% higher than our best competitor (durability and resistance refer not only to mileage capability, but also to the capacity to resist against surface irregularity). They also reports that the New Pirelli Angel CiTy has great grip in all conditions, on dry, but also on wet and in a wide range of temperatures. In addition the tyre is characterised by very agile handling, to allow riders quick change of direction.

The tread pattern of the New Pirelli Angel CiTy, is an evolution of the Angel GT, adapted to smaller section width and X-Ply structure; according to Pirelli this design is tremendously effective and functional for water drainage, and to dissipate the forces that cause uneven wear and premature consumption of the compound.

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