Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet Review

The visor on this mid-priced Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet is one of the finest innovations in my 8 years of reporting on motorcycling products. It’s by a company called Transitions and it reacts to available light to become darker as the day gets brighter. It can go from totally clear to completely dark like a race visor and saves the hassle of changing visors or operating a dropdown sun jobbie. It’s by far the best thing about the helmet.

Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet Review

The majority of the budget for this lid has gone on the visor, so there was little left for the rest. There’s no Pinlock anti-mist visor insert so the Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet fogs badly. The lid is on the heavy side and the quality of the lining is not as plush as other £180 helmets. The substantial press studs to secure the removable lining in place dig into my forehead.

I can feel them all the time and on shorter rides it’s no problem. After 50 miles, however Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet becomes annoying and eventually it’s distracting enough to make me want to throw the helmet in a hedge and carry on without it! If you try one on and can’t notice the two studs immediately then you should be OK comfort-wise, but there are considerably better helmets available for this price or less.

Price : £179.99

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