CFMoto (WK 650i) with Sexy Asian Girl

WK is the UK brand name for bikes made by CFMoto from Hangzhou, China… Like a lot of Chinese output, the WK 650i takes its cues from existing product, in this case the original Kawasaki ER-6n (a bike that the 650 outsells in Australia).


Let’s be straight from the outset: the WK 650i is a big, big step forward from the average Chinese lightweight available until now. The 650i is pretty good looking with most of the right bits in the right places: stainless exhaust, wavy discs, modern switchgear, part-LCD clocks and more. The trouble is, that’s about as good as it gets. The 650i looks the part, but it isn’t really quite good enough and there’s never any getting away from the feeling that you’re riding a cheaper, tackier, flimsier copy of something else.






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