Kawasaki Building Artificial Intelligence Into Its Motorcycle!

If you want to fight crime with an automotive companion, a la Knight Rider, we’ve got some good news – Kawasaki is developing a learning, talking artificial intelligence for its motorcycles. The AI, through conversation, monitoring of the motorcycle’s systems and driving behaviour, is expected to tweak elements like breaking and power.

Kawasaki Building Artificial Intelligence Into Its Motorcycle!

Although in the early stages of development, the new system, named the Kanjo Engine (which translates to Emotion Engine) is expected to provide ride-along companionship and driver status monitoring, all the while being able to understand and respond to natural human speech.

Think of Kawasaki’s AI as an on-board Siri, one that learns to adapt to your personal driving style and habits. The AI technology is being developed in conjunction with Cocoro SB of the Softbank Group, who’s responsible for the lovable Pepper robot. It’s a good time to see which is better between the AI or Yamaha’s Motobot…

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