Resurgence Warrior Jeans Review

Using a ‘lite’ version of Resurgence’s unique abrasion-resistant Pekev fibre, the lined areas of the Resurgence Warrior Jeans are tested to withstand up to 5.21 seconds – that’s enough to pass CE-Level 1, though being part-lined, they can’t currently claim full CE-approval.

Covering the key impact areas of bum, thighs and down to below the knees, the Resurgence Warrior Jeans are much cooler to wear than equivalent-performing para-aramid/Kevlar jeans, helped by the lightweight mesh liner. The denim is stretchy, giving a figure-hugging style that I just about manage to get away with, and the added benefit of armour that stays in place. Those suffering less from cake-retention will no doubt look more stylish than me, but I still find them extremely comfortable.

Turning up the legs reveals a reflective strip, though I always manage to get the hem caught in my peg’s hero-blob! These Resurgence Warrior Jeans were a boon in our short heatwave, being the most comfortable I’ve worn – the best part-lined jeans I’ve ridden in.

Price : £129.95 (+ £29.97 for armour)

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