Spada Motorbike Cover Review

I’ve had my existing bike cover for a good few years now and although it has served me well, it’s a bit tired and frayed around the edges – so it was time for a new one. I decided to go for Spada’s medium-sized weatherproof motorbike cover which is manufactured in non-scratch high grade polyester (medium size will fit a naked or sportsbike up to 220cm long – other sizes are available). Spada claims that the fully breathable cover is 100% UV resistant, so hopefully it shouldn’t fade like my old cover did.

Spada Bike Cover is also claimed to be heat resistant up to 200ºC – and that’s quite important, because it helps to minimise any damage caused by it coming into contact with a hot exhaust pipe.

Spada Bike Cover is easy enough to throw over the bike, due to its light weight and once over it’s held into position by a centre strap which goes underneath the bike and then fastens with a quick-release clip. There’s also a series of reinforced metal eyelets in proximity to the front and rear wheels areas, which have a number of uses – you can use them for additional cover fastening in ultra-high winds, but more commonly they would be used for threading locking cables or heavy duty chains through.

The Spada Bike cover comes with a neat zipped storage bag, so that when it isn’t being used, it can easily be folded up and packed away. Another bonus is that the cover is both hand and machine washable if it gets dirty – just remember to treat it with a waterproofing agent afterwards.

Price: £44.99

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