Airhawk Cushion Review

Airhawk’s “Dry Flotation” technology was originally developed for wheelchair users. The Airhawk cushion adjusts to your body contour to eliminate painful pressure points. Small, interconnected air cells evenly distribute your weight and pressure, reducing the‘hot spots’ that cause pain. The air cells also work as mini shock absorbers, reducing vibration.

Airhawk Cushion Review

This system proved equally effective for motorcyclists and Airhawk claims this cushion makes your riding experience a more comfortable one, allowing you to ride for longer. I can certainly agree with that statement; it’s definitely a more comfortable seat, compared to the standard one on my Yamaha Majesty.

The Airhawk cushion has lifted me up by about an inch, which in turn gives me a better view and a better control of the bike. Also, when I go around corners, I’m not sitting as low as I was before, which in effect, makes the bike more rideable. That turns riding into a much more pleasurable experience.

The Airhawk Cushion comes standard with an outer cover, which has two attachment loops either side for secure fixing if required with the straps provided; a repair kit is also included. The ‘Cruiser Medium’ version was the one recommended for my scooter. I had to play around with the amount of air when I first blew it up; I fully inflated it to start with, but found it quite hard, so after a bit of trial and error, I settled on it being two-thirds inflated – the best setting for me.

Airhawk is so confident with its product that it offers a 60 day trial and return system if it doesn’t improve your comfort – I won’t be returning mine – it’s well worth the financial investment.

Price : £89.99 upwards (depending on model)

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