Ammo Helmet Cleaner, Polish and Sanitiser Review

I don’t always clean my bike after a ride, but I simply can’t make myself leave my helmet all grubby and covered in dead mozzies when I get home. This insistence on keeping the lid clean means I scrub it on a daily basis. Using water and soap works, but having decent products like the Ammo Helmet Cleaner, Polish and Sanitiser makes the job easier and quicker.

Ammo Helmet Cleaner, Polish and Sanitiser Review

The Ammo X-Clean Helmet Cleaner (£6.95) is a handy spray that you apply on the helmet, leave for a little while and then scrub off. It helps get the bugs and road grime off more easily than regular soap, and leaves the helmet sparkling clean. About once a week I also use the X-Glide helmet polish (£6.50) to give the lid a bit of a protective layer and make it look good again.

This only takes a short while and is well worth it as the polish also acts as a water repellent on the visor and keeps it free of droplets in the rain.

Every now and again I reach for the X-Fresh helmet sanitiser (£5.95) too, especially in the summer when the lid gets sweaty and smelly and after a wet ride that leave the lining smelling a bit dank. I suppose these Ammo Helmet Cleaner, Polish and Sanitiser are luxury items that simply do a better job than water and soap, but I can’t stand a dirty helmet, so tome it’s money worth spending.

Price : £5.95 Upwards

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