New BMW RnineT ‘Urban GS’ Confirmed for 2017

RealRiders got a sneak glimpse of three new GS models set to be unveiled at EICMA next month – starting with a new, ‘R80G/S-inspired’ version of the popular RnineT. At the exclusive LA press event, BMW allowed RealRiders a quick look (with cameras strictly prohibited) at the new RnineT ‘Urban GS’ – the production offspring of the Lac Rose concept – along with the new G310 GS we spied on the road test, and a revised version of the R1200GS.

New BMW RnineT ‘Urban GS’ Confirmed for 2017

The New BMW ‘Urban GS’ will be the fifth member of BMW’s ‘Heritage’ family and joins the original RnineT, Scrambler, plus recently introduced Pure and Racer, both of which were unveiled at the recent Cologne show.

Like those, the new bike is based on the 110bhp, oil-cooled RnineT boxer platform but this time with more specifically early 1980s R80G/S enduro styling and BMW’s white/blue/red ‘Motorsport’ livery. Imagine the current RnineT Scrambler blended with the 1983 R80GS P-D and you’ll get the idea.

RealRiders also had a sneak peak at the new G310GS and updated R1200GS. The G310GS, as predicted, is an enduro-styled version of the firm’s all-new, entry-level G310R launched earlier this year. The 1200GS, meanwhile, is claimed to feature a host of modifications to its 125bhp powertrain to comply with EURO4, and subtle chassis modifications, too.

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