Tucano Urbano Introduces FREE Anti-theft Insurance

The Termoscud (for scooter) and Gaucho (for motorcycles) leg covers from Tucano Urbano now come with free insurance. The Termoscud card is a document delivered with each new purchase from UK retailers that insures the product against thefts. A brand-new item is provided if the existing one is stolen. Starting from September 1, 2016, the Termoscud card will be included in every new Termoscud purchased from any official TU UK dealers.

Tucano Urbano Introduces Free Anti-theft Insurance

To activate the insurance, the user must fill the online registration within 20 days from date of purchase and the registration certificate will be emailed shortly after. The user should keep the Termoscud card, the receipt and the confirmation. Insurance against theft is valid for one year from date of purchase and totally free.

In the event of theft, the user has to send the purchase receipt, copy of police crime report (with a specific mention of the product), Termoscud card and online registration certificate. Within a one-month period, they will be given authorisation from Tucano Urbano to get a new Termoscud for free from the same dealer they purchased the product from.

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