2017 KTM’s New Adventure Range

The 1050 and 1190 KTM Adventure bikes are no more, both replaced by the 1090 Adventure. The 1290 remains, but has had a refocus that sees three models available.

KTM’s New Adventure Range

The original 1050 peaked at 94bhp @ 6200rpm, in order to make it an entry-level machine that would be compatible with 47bhp A2 licence laws (an unrestricted bike cannot make more than double its restricted version), but with few people buying an eleven-grand restricted machine as their first bike, and the 1190 being a relatively small step up in price, the bigger brother stole the limelight.

The new 1090 is actually still carrying the 1050cc engine, with the same bore and stroke, but now making 123bhp @ 8500rpm and 80lb-ft @ 6500rpm (though an A2-compliant model will still be available). The 1050 made 79lb-ft @ 5750rpm, while the 1190 produced 147bhp @ 9500rpm and 92lb-ft @ 7500rpm.

We asked Adriann Sinke, head of product marketing for KTM why the 1190 was dropped; “This is quite simply a platform strategy,” he told us.

“The 1290 and 1050/1090 engines are the same platform, whereas the 1190 used a different variant of the proven LC8 powerplant. We now have a stronger base with the 1090s and the top-level performance of the 1290s. Together with the 94bp 1090 version, it’s a well-balanced model range.”

KTM’s New Adventure Range

Adrian told us that, besides the permanent electronic restriction of the 1050, which saw its power curve flatten off around 6000rpm, the new bike has modified valve timing to help it release its full potential. There are currently no plans to allow 1050 owners to upgrade their bikes to the higher power level, which is unsurprising given the homologation implications.

The 228kg 1090 will be available as a standard model, with a specification identical to the 1050, including the 110/90 19 and 150/70 17 cast wheels, for £11,299. The R version costs £12,149, and features 90/90 21 and 150/70 18 spoked wheels, fatter 48mm WP forks (standard are 43mm), and a WP Progressive Damping System rear shock. Suspension travel increases from 185mm front and 190mm rear to 220mm at both ends, though at the expense of the seat height, which increases from 850mm to 890mm. Kerb weight is 230kg, with both machines keeping the 23 litre tank.

The 1290 Super Adventure will be sold in three variants – the S, R and T, all with Bosch combined/cornering ABS and LED cornering headlights.The 249kg Travel version, with its 30 litre tank, part-analogue dash, spoked 120/70 19 and 170/60 17 wheels costs £15,499, and is the update to the previous Super Adventure, including the WP semi-active suspension, but also now hill-hold control, motor slip regulation, and floating luggage mounts – it’s the fully-loaded adventure bike.

Also featuring the semi-active suspension, but with cast wheels and a 23 litre tank, the 238kg 1290 Super Adventure S costs £14,299, and has a 6.5in TFT dash and keyless ignition. Like the 1090, the R model is very off-road focused, with the same manual suspension as its smaller brother, and same spoked 90/90 21 and 150/70 18 wheels. It also has the taller 390mm seat height, weighs 240kg, and costs £14,499.

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