2017 Yamaha TMAX Teaser Video

As with so many of the new bikes launched for 2017, much of the 2017 Yamaha TMAX’s focus is likely to be on Euro4 emissions limits. But there’s clearly a new look, too, as hinted at by Yamaha’s new teaser video. A teaser video released by Yamaha gives the first glimpse of the bike’s headlights and nose.

It clearly shows a new set of reverse-rake headlights that give the front of the 2017 Yamaha TMAX much more aggressive appearance its friendly-looking forebears. They sit above distinct air intakes and are flanked by LED running lights. The faired-in indicators on the fairing sides are a development of a family theme. Practicalities like the large under-seat storage area are a given.

As well as the 2017 changes needed to meet European regulations – which include side-mounted reflectors and the addition of an OBD system for the emissions kit – we expect plenty of technological toys. Electronics like traction control are fast becoming standard kit even on low-performance, low-priced machines, and the 2017 Yamaha TMAX is likely to get at least some level of TC. As with all 2017 bikes over 125cc, in Europe at least, ABS will be standard as it’s becoming mandatory from January 1 next year.

What we don’t see here is any clue to the bike’s technical changes. The chassis and engine are expected to be similar in concept to previous versions, and many components are likely to be carried over from the existing model. I’m hopeful to see the new T-Max, particularly the DX “touring” version since it seems like the new Honda ADV-X won’t fulfill my needs…

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